AfroTour 2017


1- Special Deal: BENIN - VOODOO LAND

All-inclusive: 2000 Euros (from Europe)

Dates: 15 Sep - 30 Sep

Route: Europe-France-Benin-Europe

Reservation deadline: 30 July contact


2 -Niche Tours: BENIN, the capital of VOODOO

Exotic Tour: Excursion-Sightseeing-Safari 

All-inclusive Price: 3750 Euros (from Poland)

                          3000 Euros (from France)

                                           1500 Euros (joining us in Benin)

1000 Euros (joining in Benin with no need of accommodation)

500 Euros (Benin with no need of accommodation & catering)

Dates: October 15-October 30

Route: Europe-France-Benin-Poland

Transport: Plane, Bus/Coach, Train, 4WD, Car, Bike, Motorbike-Taxi/Zemidjan, Boat &/ Foot

Stay: 2 weeks

Accommodation: Hotels with air-conditioning, multichannel-TV & Internet connection. Also other on-the-move exotic places eg. well-equipped mud-hats such as TATA SOMBA

Catering: FB- Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner & Supper

Booking deadline: 30 July contact us, please!

More info: on Facebook

*All-inclusive means main transport, accommodation and catering.